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Swaging 101

Posted by Jill Mayer on Jul 1, 2013 3:40:00 PM

Swaging is a cold-formed manufacturing process that involves using a tool, such as a die, to bend cold metal to a required shape.

For Bead Electronics, swaging allows us to produce small, metal electronic contact pins that are dimensionally consistent - even after millions of parts!  It's also an inexpensive way to produce our custom connector pins, when compared to machined pins and stamped pins, because there is virtually no scrap.

Our swaging process:

  1. The metal strip is formed into a seamless tube by a precision engineered die.
  2. The tube is then reduced in progressive forming cavities.
  3. The tube oscillates to maintain circular dimensions without die flash.
  4. A fully formed part is separated from the tube with every press stroke.

The video below provides an in-depth look at our swaging process and shows why it is faster and more cost-effective to produce contact pins this way than it is by stamping and screw machining.

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