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Your Top 5 Automated Insertion Machine Problems Solved

Posted by Jill Mayer on Oct 28, 2013 3:35:00 PM

If your Automated Insertion Machines are constantly breaking down, your equipment may not be the problem. Plus, it's more expensive to repair or replace your equipment than it is to evaluate your continuous-reeled pin supplier.

The top 5 problems we've heard from customers before they switch to our pins are:

  1. “Pitch” problems, or inconsistent pin lengths
  2. Tips with abrupt transitions and burrs
  3. Uneven winding and tangles
  4. Sharp cut-offs
  5. Scraping of plating on mating connector

All of the above problems lead to costly inconveniences such as coil breakage, increased mating forces, machine downtime, and poor reliability of contact pins. At Bead Electronics, we use a unique swaging process with precision-built closed dies to guarantee consistent dimensions and eliminate “pitch” problems.

Our precisely formed “parabolically revolved” tips:

  • minimize scratching of plated through holes and mating parts
  • require lower insertion force
  • improve high-speed insertion reliability

Our Tandem Pins® are the highest quality continuous reeled pins on the market today. Improve efficiency and reduce downtime now with Bead Electronics.

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