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7 Reasons to Choose Insert Molding For Plastic Parts

Posted by bead electronics on Jul 22, 2021 4:33:55 PM

Did you know that plastic parts can provide 25 to 50 percent cost savings over metal ones? That is why plastics have taken off in a variety of industries, from automotive to aerospace, medical, and consumer products manufacturing. And it is why we are seeing an increase in processes like insert molding.

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Basic Material Considerations For Overmolding in Medical Devices

Posted by bead electronics on Jul 9, 2021 2:33:46 PM

Imagine having to perform surgery when your tools don't feel right in your hands. With an improper grip or a flawed tool, the outcome of your procedure can be compromised. Any tool for any job needs to have that ergonomic benefit to optimize the outcome and enhance performance.

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Topics: Custom Connectors, Bead Electronics, Quality Standards, Medical, Overmolding

Gaining Leverage From a High-Quality Interconnect Pins Manufacturer

Posted by bead electronics on Jun 22, 2021 4:43:42 PM

How can you gain market and industry leverage with your electronics product? One way you can achieve this is by using custom connectors and partnering with a high-quality interconnect pins manufacturer. Why? Because standard interconnect connectors might not meet the performance grade you need for your product.

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Topics: PCB Contact Pins, Custom Contact Pins, Custom Connectors, Bead Electronics, PCB Design, Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Modern Technology in the Cabin: An Up Close Look into Airlines

Posted by bead electronics on Jun 10, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Did you know that the global demand for aircraft cabin lighting is expected to rise by $797 million? From the cabin crew to the seating to the Wi-Fi, a great in-flight experience for air travelers needs a combination of factors. However, lighting is one part of the cabin that plays a major effect on your travel experience, even if you are not aware of it.

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Topics: Custom Connectors, Bead Electronics, Aerospace, Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Pin-in-Paste vs. True Grip Pins

Posted by bead electronics on May 17, 2021 11:24:08 AM

Traditional pin-in-paste processing methods used by printed circuit board (PCB) assemblers are being overtaken by a new hybrid alternative innovation: the True Grip Pin.

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Topics: PCB Contact Pins, Bead Electronics, Quality Standards, PCB Design, Insert Molding, True Grip Pin, Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Pin-in-Paste