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Choosing the Right PCB Pins

Posted by Jill Mayer on May 17, 2012 4:39:00 PM

true grip pinWhen you're building PCBs, whether it be for automotive, computer, telecom, appliance, or industrial applications, you need high quality, high reliability interconnect pins that are economical to buy and easy to process. We've patented a pin that solves many of the challenges companies face when purchasing PCB pins: the True Grip Pin.

We met with our senior engineer, Jim Balazsi, and asked him how our newly patented True Grip Pin can tackle some of these common issues.

What are some of the problems that can occur during the insertion of the pin into the PCB?

During insertion, bending that can occur if pressure is applied to the pin tip. Our pins are inserted by applying pressure to the flange, not the tip, so bent pins are eliminated. Material costs are through the roof.

How can PCB OEMs and CMs save on material costs?

Pin-through-paste processing causes debris to be disbursed across the PCB creating contamination, defects, and scrap.

Our True Grip pins require much less solder, meaning less debris, fewer defects, and less scrap. Less material used means we can keep our costs down and pass those savings onto our customers.

This is a cross-section of our hybrid True Grip Pin soldered onto a PCB. Many PCB manufacturers come to us from our competitors because of pin assembly defects and unreliable connections.


How have we been able to solve this?

We have several vision system cameras installed on our machines. The inspection data collected from the cameras provide traceability down to the day, hour, and minute of production and enables us to obtain precise measurements and reject any defective contact pins.

This 100% Vision System inspection means our customers can have complete confidence in every single PCB pin we produce for them.

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