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Proud Parents of Electronic Contact Pins

Posted by Bead Electronics on Jun 22, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Maybe it's because school is out for summer (and our kids are spending more time around the house), but we can't help but to draw similarities between our children and our electronic contact pins. We are proud parents of them both: Precision Square Wire and Hollow. Unlike most parents, at Bead, we welcome you to scrutinize our "children".

Our Precision Square Wire Pins

You'll find our Solid Wire Pins are free from burrs, buldges, and stretch marks (don't remind their mothers). That's because they're conceived by means of a super-precise swaging operation that leaves them completely free of both imperfections and stress, makes them straight to within .003" per inch, and permits them to measure up to the highest standards of accuracy. Also, take note of their impeccably conical ends which allow for perfect insertion into pre-plated PCB holes and ideal use with plug-in terminals.

  • Competitively priced
  • Offered in a wide range of standard sizes for maximum savings
  • Available in lengths from .375 to 1.4" and in a variety of base metals and plating materials

Our Hollow Pins

Another member of our family, our Hollow Pins come in hundreds of sizes, shapes and styles. Envision the remarkable range of practical applications for which they could be employed, serving as everything from hinge pins to electrical contacts and automotive connectors...and at a far lower cost than pins manufactured by other methods.

That's because our swaging process allows us to fabricate these pins by direct conversion of metal strips into tubular metal shapes with completely waste-free precision and efficiency. That means considerable savings on production costs - which we pass on to you.

Keep in mind that if you come across an application requiring a special design, our Tubular Pins can be custom designed to your specifications by our engineers. Not ready yet? Find out if our swaging process is right for you and download our free whitepaper.

About Bead Electronics

Bead Electronics, is a global manufacturer of electronic connector pins and has been manufacturing in Connecticut for over 100 years. The award-winning company carries over 500 patents and is best known for inventing its manufacturing process called swaging. This process is a high-speed, virtually scrap-less, cold-forming process capable of producing a wide size range of metal electronic components that are consistent and cost-effective. The family-owned business is led by its fifth generation. Click here to speak to a connector pin specialist today.

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