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Custom Electrical Connectors for Any PCB Application

Bead has a long history providing pins for a variety of Print Circuit Board applications in industries such as automotive, telecom, aerospace, industrial, medical and more.

Bead's contact pins can be used for power, signal, or even electro-mechanical applications as part of print circuit boards.


With this expertise, we are well-equipped to handle PCBs for practically any scenario. The benefits of Bead Electronics’ Print Circuit Board Solutions include:


Our swaging process assures quality and consistency at the most affordable price. Our unique engineering, manufacturing and processing capabilities allow us to design, tool and product custom PCB interconnect pins quickly and with minimal tooling charges. Whether it's our end-to-end pin solution or loose pins, the consistency part to part helps optimize your automation and use.


Custom connectivity based on connector size, pin shape, base metal & plating, mounting options & other application specific requirements like a retention feature or bent / right angle pin.

True Grip  PCB Square Wire


We’ll work with your design team to optimize the pin design for your assembly process including pin insertion, packaging (e.g. tape & reel & other requirements. Send Bead your requirements and our engineering team will turn them into a working custom solution. With our unique manufacturing and processing capabilities, our engineering team is able to design, tool and produce custom solutions very quickly with minimal non-recurring engineering (NRE) charges. Learn more about our:


Custom Contact Pins

End-to-End Pins-new2

End-to-End Pins


Pin Assemblies


Solid Wire Pins

Solid Wire Pins


Our contact pins can be use in PCB assemblies in many applications, such as those where a lack of debris is of utmost importance for performance. 


Our custom contact pins are designed to withstand harsh environments, making them ideal for use in aerospace equipment where performance is extremely important.



industry-Automotive-banner-ctaOur contact pins can be use in PCB assemblies in many applications. 



industry-Healthcare-banner-cta2Our contact pins can be use in overmolded assemblies in many applications, such as those that must withstand harsh environments, sterilization, and more. In addition, overmolded assemblies are great for applications that require frequent mating/unmating or color coordination.




Our custom contact pins are designed to reduce waste and prevent imperfections via our unique swaging process for increased reliability in your electronics and telecom equipment.