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Our manufacturing process, called swaging, yields superior value when compared to competitors. That's because it's a high-speed, virtually scrapless, cold-forming process capable of producing small, metal electronic components that are dimensionally consistent and cost-effective.


Swaging Machining Stamping GRAPH



Our swaged pins have the performance of machined pins at the price of stamped pins, and they can be tooled in a fraction of the time at a modest cost. Our newest GF Vertical Milling Center is expanding our capabilities in fine pitch hard milling moving into 2019.

"The reordering of our die building process shortens lead time while the use of computer design models allows us to create geometry that was previously not possible" - David Brenton, Bead Design Engineer



Our swaging process helped revolutionize the electronics industry with the production of inexpensive, high-quality contact pins for radio vacuum tubes in the 1920s. It produced the first parabolically tipped wire wrap pin in the 1960s that contributed to the telecom industry reducing its gold plating cost by 50%.