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Our unique swaging process guarantees the highest quality End-to-End contact pins for reliable automatic insertion.

Tandem Pin® brand End-to-End contact pins have precision tips for lower insertion force and more dependable connections. Consistent length and a smooth transition between the pin tip and body assure accurate cut-off and cleaner insertion.

  • Precision layer winding
  • Parabolic tips
  • Consistent pin length


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  • Square: .012”-.045”
  • Round: .012”-.062”
  • Long: .100”-1.800”

Base Metals

  • Brass Alloy 260
  • Phosphor Bronze Alloy 510
  • Copper Alloy 102 and 110
  • High Performance Copper Alloys 197 and 194


  • 200 µ" Sn over 100 µ" Ni
  • Gold over Nickel
  • *Per your specification

Reel Size

  • 24" OD
  • 22" ID
  • 3-point mounting
  • 10,000 - 50,000 pieces per reel with interleaf between layers
  • *Fits your existing insertion equipment

Retention Devices

  • Stars
  • Stand-offs
  • Flanges
  • Flats
  • Coined sections

true grip pin




Tip Configurations

  • Stars
  • Stand-offs
  • Flanges
  • Flats
  • Coined sections




Over a hundred years of industry experience has guided us to revolutionizing the swaging process, which gives us an edge over the competition. In addition to customizable packaging options, Bead offers our clients a higher quality contact pin. With consistent pin lengths (pitch), smoother transitions between twip and body, precise cut-offs to prevent scraping, and precision level lay winding, our pins arrive safely and ready to be inserted with smooth transitions for a cleaner, more cost-effective connection.





Our custom pins are used in a wide range of applications.



Our unique engineering, manufacturing and processing capabilities allow us to provide higher performance and lower cost.

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Our mechanical pins are used in instrumentation panels, basic alignment, motors, and pumps, to name a few automotive uses.

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Our metal inserts for overmolding allow you to customize your interconnect to meet your specific needs.

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Control PCBs

High quality printed circuit boards can be used in automotive console systems, ABS, transmission sensors, and more.

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Why Choose Bead Electronics

Our unique swaging process allows us to deliver high-quality, custom, and economical solutions with prototypes in just under two weeks.

Other benefits of our swaging process include:

  • Consistent Quality
  • Low Tooling Cost
  • Short Lead time
  • High Production Rate
  • Scrap Free Process
  • Low Cost Parts
  • Overall Value

The competition:

Our Competitors' machined pins use more, expensive material. Single-point turning isn't nearly as fast and it generates chips that have to be handled, stored, and recycled. $25.10 / M

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