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Video: Bead Electronics Virtual Tour

Bead Electronics is proud to manufacture end to end contact pins, wire contact pins, and hollow contact pins. This video gives you an overview of our Headquarters in Milford, CT.



Video: The True Grip Pin

A feature in our Tandem Pin® series, the True Grip Pin has a square thru-hole section for secure placement into a PCB and a round flange to provide a consistent seating plane giving your solder a large surface for reliable surface mount processing.



Video: Bead Swaging Process

The bead-formed manufacturing process, called swaging, yields superior value. That's because it's a high-speed, virtually scrapless cold-forming process capable of producing small metal parts that are dimensionally consistent and inexpensive.



Video: Bead Electronics Overview

Watch an overview of our history, our technology, and our latest innovations as a U.S. manufacturer and global leader of precision contact pins.



Video: Bead Industries - 100 Years & Five Generations of Bright Ideas

Watch a historical account of Bead over the last 100 years, as told by past and present employees and members of the Bryant family.