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Optimal Reliability for Your IT Hardware

With the Information Technology industry now among the largest in the world, demand for reliable electronics is at an all-time high.

Whether for consumer or enterprise markets, it's critical to provide and maintain a high degree of reliability and consistency with your IT hardware, while still keeping prices down.

Have needs that fall outside typical usage scenarios? Our custom contact pins can help you meet the requirements of practically any application. Just send us your requirements and our engineering team will make it a reality. Our swaging process assures quality and reliability at the most affordable price. With unique engineering, manufacturing and processing capabilities, we're able to design, tool and produce custom components very quickly, with minimal tooling charges.

Bead can tool up custom contact pins quickly and inexpensively. They worked closely with us from development through fruition to ensure our satisfaction. My experience working with them has been very positive.

Engineering Supervisor,Molex - Connector Products Division