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Our unique swaging process guarantees the highest quality End-to-End contact pins for reliable automatic insertion. Tandem Pin® brand End-to-End contact pins have precision tips for lower insertion force and more dependable connections. Consistent length and a smooth transition between the pin tip and body assure accurate cut-off and cleaner insertion.


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  • Consistent contact pin length (pitch) for reliable pin insertion
  • Inconsistent contact pin length causes insertion downtime
  • Smooth transition between tip and body for lower insertion and mating forces
  • Pyramid-shaped stamped tips with abrupt transitions and burrs increase insertion and mating forces
  • Precise cut-offs prevent scraping of mating contact surfaces and ensure a more reliable connection
  • Sharp cut-off stubs scrape off plating on mating connector and lead to poor contact reliability
  • Smooth transitions mean less scraping and cleaner PCB assembly
  • Abrupt transitions mean more scraping and debris on the PCB
  • Precision level layer winding makes pay-off easy
  • Uneven winding leads to tangles, coil breakage and machine down-time
  • Custom packaging to ensure your contact pins arrive safely
  • Standard packaging allows product to shift during shipping

 Our solutions don't end there; we also have a variety of custom assembly options.

Assembly Options

  • Automatic pin insertion
  • Conventional pin assembly
  • Prototypes
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Base Metals

  • Brass Alloy 260
  • Phosphor Bronze Alloy 510
  • Copper Alloy 102 and 110
  • High Performance Copper Alloys 197 and 194


  • 200 µ" Sn over 100 µ" Ni
  • Gold over Nickel per your specification


  • .012” to .045” Square
  • .012” to .062” Round
  • .100” to 1.800" long
total_pin_2Retention Devices and Other Features
  • Stars
  • Stand-offs
  • Flanges
  • Flats
  • Coined sections
  • Pins can have multiple features
Tip Configurations
  • Square end-to-end pins have parabolically revolved conical tips
  • Round end-to-end pins have spherical radius tips
Reel Size
  • 24" OD
  • 22" ID
  • 3-point mounting
  • 10,000 - 50,000 pieces per reel with interleaf between layers
  • Fits your existing insertion equipment
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