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Custom Interconnect Pins for Your Automotive Electrical Needs

Our rugged through hole and hybrid SMT components are designed to withstand harsh, high-vibration environments, making them ideal for use in the engine and passenger compartments of cars, trucks and heavy equipment.

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Automotive Electrical Applications

Our custom interconnect pins are used in a wide range of automotive electrical applications.

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  • Hi-tech Mirrors
  • Lighting
  • Sensors & Safety
  • Steering Functionality
  • Dashboard & Display
  • Communication & Entertainment
  • Cameras
  • Driver Assistance Technology
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • On-Star & In-Vehicle Security

Hi-tech Mirrors


With convenience and safety features like auto-dimmers, proximity sensors, and home links to operate garage doors; mirrors have become a critical and technologically advanced amenity within a car. Despite their small size, rear and side-view mirrors can host any number of parts, pins, and PCBs.



Considerably one of the most vital elements in a vehicle, lights illuminate the road ahead as well as license plates and car interiors. Some of these are activated manually while others, like brake lights, are intertwined with mechanical and electrical components.

Sensors & Safety


Water-in-fuel, check engine light, crankshaft, battery light—a car can have as many as 30 sensors operating to keep everything running properly and safely. Some of these sensors even activate life-saving features like airbag releases.

Steering Functionality


From adjusting the volume of a song, indicating a lane change, or placing a phone call—the steering wheel is a hub that communicates with the mechanical, electrical, and electronic parts throughout the vehicle.

Dashboard & Display

auto-feature-dashboard and display

Speedometer, odometer, turn signal indicator, fuel gauge—a car uses these to communicate with the driver, keeping them informed while maintaining safety throughout the trip.

Communication & Entertainment

auto-feature-Communication & entertainment

For many, a drive without a radio, or bluetooth connection is unimaginable. Back seat entertainment can also be a saving grace for families on a road trip. With opportunities for built-in wifi and satellite connectivity, cars are evolving to become more comfortable and dynamic every day—keeping you plugged in and charged even on the road.



Back-up cameras help facilitate easier parking jobs and feed into the driver’s display. Dashboard cameras activate in an instant to record a sudden accident. Whether it’s for personal security or driver support, the latest vehicles are now providing camera options consisting of a 360-degree birds-eye-view of their cars.

Driver Assistance Technology

auto-feature-driver assistance technology

Features such as auto-braking, motion control, and parking assistance have enhanced the driver’s experience and helped in maximizing safety. These technologies need to work intuitively and automatically, using robust and varying connectors to facilitate lasting connections.

Heating & Cooling Systems

auto-feature-heating cooling systems

From ventilation to seat comfortability, the HVAC systems within newer motor vehicles have become incredibly technical and intricate in design features. Overmolded wires and pins help to keep everything operational at the touch of a button.

On-Star & In-Vehicle Security


Roadside assistance, stolen vehicle alerts, and automatic crash support systems have now become one of the leading factors in decision-making when purchasing a vehicle. In those moments where the panic sets in, features like On-Star provide a level of protection that consumers find comfort in.



Our unique engineering, manufacturing and processing capabilities allow us to provide higher performance and lower cost.

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Our mechanical pins are used in instrumentation panels, basic alignment, motors, and pumps, to name a few automotive uses.

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Our metal inserts for overmolding allow you to customize your interconnect to meet your specific needs. 

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Control PCBs

High quality printed circuit boards can be used in automotive console systems, ABS, transmission sensors, and more.

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"Bead Electronics has been a great find for us. I wish there were more suppliers like them."

- Design Engineer, Agricultural Heavy Equipment

Custom Interconnect Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Our custom interconnect pins are used in a wide range of automotive electrical applications.

  • Custom Contact Pins

    Custom Contact Pins

    Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable our team to respond quickly and listen to your needs. We surpass others in the market with our unique ability to design, tool and produce custom contact pins that match your exact requirements, while we ramp up production.

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  • End-to-End Pins

    End-to-End Pins

    Our unique swaging process guarantees the highest quality End-to-End contact pins for reliable automatic insertion. Tandem Pin® brand End-to-End contact pins have precision tips for lower insertion force and more dependable connections. Consistent length and a smooth transition between the pin tip and body assure accurate cut-off and cleaner insertion.

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  • Hollow Pins

    Hollow Pins

    Our Hollow Pins provide the functionality you need at 30-70% savings compared to machined contacts. Hollow pins are available in a wide variety of configurations including: Collars, flats, barbs, seamed or seamless, with open or closed ends.

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  • Solid Wire Pins

    Solid Wire Pins

    Bead's precision pin tips reduce insertion and mating forces by up to 35%. This makes them ideal for all your PCB, connector and wire wrap applications. Square and round solid wire pins are available in a wide variety of configurations, including: straight, right angle, offset, stars, flanges, serrations and barbs. Standard sizes are available from stock and custom pins can be designed and produced quickly with minimal tooling cost.

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  • Pin Assemblies

    Pin Assemblies

    Our high performance C–197 alloy pins and our open designs provide excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. You specify the pin size, length, shape, configuration and pitch, and we will build your custom design. You can even mix different pin types and sizes in a single connector.

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