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Bead Electronics Hollow Pins provide the functionality you need at 30-70% material savings compared to machined pins.

Our unique swaging process ensures precision and value, making Bead the obvious choice when specifying contact pins.


Hollow pins can be used in many ways but ultimately your application will dictate which approach is most appropriate, which is where a skilled Applications Engineer can come in to advise you.


Crimped contacts are used to terminate multistrand wires, ensuring reliable and secure connections. The process involves pressing the wires into the contact, which can take the form of a pin or socket depending on the application. To learn more about our crimped contact pins - click here



A popular method, which may include additional pin features based on tolerances, achieves a snug fit by leveraging material properties. For instance, a press-fit is suitable for plastic assemblies when a client needs a connector. To learn more about our connector solutions - click here

press fit


Staking is a mechanical technique used to hit the pin from one end. It is commonly used for metal, ceramic, and plastic materials. This versatile approach comes in various forms: petal (for lamp bases), flatted (rivet-like), or control (for double-sided male pins). These options cater to different industry needs, ensuring optimal functionality and precision.

The Slimline Bulb Pin is a great example of our Staked Pins. If you'd like to see an example of the slimline pin - click here.




A less common approach for hollow pins, but can be used for larger diameter pins when the application is taking advantage of the low overall weight of a hollow pin.



Another infrequent approach for hollow pins occurs when the pin is encompassed within a molding material, ensuring stability and security.


Custom Hollow Pins to Suit Your Requirements

Explore our extensive range of pins, tailored to meet your needs. Choose from a variety of configurations, including collars, flats, barbs, seamed, or seamless options. With a wide selection of shapes, sizes, and features, along with different base metals and plating choices, our hollow pins meet strict inspection and sorting criteria. Trust Bead Electronics for premium pins that match your requirements, proudly manufactured in the USA with a customer-centric approach.


Introducing Bead, your top choice for precise and valuable contact pins. Our Hollow Pins come in various versatile configurations, supported by Bead's unmatched engineering expertise and dedicated sales assistance. Don't see your required specs? Just ask—all of our products are completely customizable.


  • Diameter: .020”-.350” (0.5-9.0 mm)
  • Length: .100”-2.000” (2.5-50 mm)
  • Diameter: .020”-.312”

Base Metals

  • Brass Alloy
  • Phosphor Bronze Alloy
  • Copper Alloy 102 and 11
  • High-Performance Copper Alloys
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel


  • Tin
  • Tin/Lead (Not RoHS Compliant)
  • Nickel
  • Gold
  • Palladium
  • Silver


  • Loose/Bulk
  • Tape-N-Reel

The above list our commonly used specifications but custom productions are always available. Explore our interactive catalog to discover the ideal specifications, features, and configurations that suit your needs.

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