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Custom Interconnect Pins for Your Military & Aerospace Electrical Needs

Our custom contact pins are designed to withstand harsh environments, making them ideal for use in aerospace and military equipment where performance is extremely important. Bead and our supply chain have the processes in place for support the rigorous specifications required for these demand applications and the infrastructure to  support the documentation that goes with them.

Military and Aerospace Connector Applications


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Military & Aerospace Electrical Applications

Our custom interconnect pins are used in a wide range of mil-aero electrical applications.



Our connectors allow for ease of wire removal for military and aerospace repairs.

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Our mechanical pins are used in motors and pumps to name a few mil-aero uses.

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Our overmolded withstand harsh environments while increasing durability and flexibility.
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Control PCBs

Our high quality printed circuit boards can be used in mil-aero console systems, sensors, and more.

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“Very impressed with Bead’s engineering, manufacturing and overall commitment to our custom project and supporting our project timeline.”

Design Engineer, Communications, Tier 1 OEM

Custom Interconnect Solutions for the Military & Aerospace Industry

Our custom interconnect pins are used in a wide range of aerospace electrical applications.

  • Custom Contact Pins

    Custom Contact Pins

    Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable our team to respond quickly and listen to your needs. We surpass others in the market with our unique ability to design, tool and produce custom contact pins that match your exact requirements, while we ramp up production.

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  • End-to-End Pins

    End-to-End Pins

    Our unique swaging process guarantees the highest quality End-to-End contact pins for reliable automatic insertion. Tandem Pin® brand End-to-End contact pins have precision tips for lower insertion force and more dependable connections. Consistent length and a smooth transition between the pin tip and body assure accurate cut-off and cleaner insertion.

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  • Hollow Pins

    Hollow Pins

    Our Hollow Pins provide the functionality you need at 30-70% savings compared to machined contacts. Hollow pins are available in a wide variety of configurations including: Collars, flats, barbs, seamed or seamless, with open or closed ends.

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  • Solid Wire Pins

    Solid Wire Pins

    Bead's precision pin tips reduce insertion and mating forces by up to 35%. This makes them ideal for all your PCB, connector and wire wrap applications. Square and round solid wire pins are available in a wide variety of configurations, including: straight, right angle, offset, stars, flanges, serrations and barbs. Standard sizes are available from stock and custom pins can be designed and produced quickly with minimal tooling cost.

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  • Pin Assemblies

    Pin Assemblies

    Our high performance C–197 alloy pins and our open designs provide excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. You specify the pin size, length, shape, configuration and pitch, and we will build your custom design. You can even mix different pin types and sizes in a single connector.

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