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Bead's precision pin tips reduce insertion and mating forces by up to 35%. This makes them ideal for all your PCB, connector and wire wrap applications.

Square and round solid wire pins are available in a wide variety of configurations, including: straight, right angle, offset, stars, flanges, serrations and barbs. Standard sizes are available from stock and custom pins can be designed and produced quickly with minimal tooling cost.

Our precision manufacturing process is high speed and scrapless so our customers get high quality and low prices — even for custom pins

Solid Wire pin advantages include:

  • Smooth swaged tips
  • Consistent pin length
  • Precise cut-offs
  • Broad range of configurations
  • 100% vision inspection available


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  • Square: .012” - .062”
  • Round: .012” - .062”
  • Length: .100” - .2.000"



Base Metals

  • Brass Alloy 260
  • Phosphor Bronze Alloy 510
  • Copper Alloy 102 and 110
  • High Performance Copper Alloys 197 and 194
  • ASTM Type
  • 304 Stainless Steel


  • Continuous
  • Loose/Bulk
  • Tape-N-Reel


  • Tin
  • Tin/Lead (Not RoHS Compliant)
  • Nickel
  • Gold
  • Palladium
  • Silver
  • Square or round pin tips
  • Parabolically revolved conical or spherical tips
  • Upset or headed retention devices
  • Stars, serrations, flats, barbs, ears, grooves and right angles




Our custom pins are used in a wide range of applications.



Our unique engineering, manufacturing and processing capabilities allow us to provide higher performance and lower cost.

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Our mechanical pins are used in instrumentation panels, basic alignment, motors, and pumps, to name a few automotive uses.

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Our metal inserts for overmolding allow you to customize your interconnect to meet your specific needs.

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Control PCBs

High quality printed circuit boards can be used in automotive console systems, ABS, transmission sensors, and more.

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Why Choose Bead Electronics

All of Bead's round pins have spherical radius tips; square pins feature our "parabolically revolved" tip. With no burr and smooth transitions between tip and body, our pins offer:

  • Lower insertion force
  • Lower mating force
  • Less marring of mating surfaces
  • Less debris

The competition:

Our Competitors' stamped or milled pin tips have burrs and abrupt transitions that increase insertion and mating forces, scratch mating surfaces and create conductive debris.

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