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Finding Toolmakers is Key to Growth of Swaging Business

Posted by Jill Mayer on Feb 26, 2014, 12:33:00 PM

In a recent article in the Connecticut Post, local manufacturers expressed concern over an aging workforce in a vibrant industry for the state. In response, U.S. Senator Chris Murphy stated it necessary for us to continue to encourage students to pursue careers in manufacturing, reminding them that "entry-level jobs in manufacturing often pay more than entry-level positions for those with a four-year college degree".

Bead is always on the lookout for qualified toolmakers. Our swaging process requires our tool and dies to be precise so that the components we produce are dimensionally consistent. In the past, we have found success in hiring tool makers, machine operators and assembly workers by offering competitive pay and comprehensive benefits, as well as reimbursement for safety gear. However, finding toolmakers seems to be getting more and more difficult each year - possibly because there are fewer people entering what they may feel is an antiquated field and learning the necessary skills. Ironically, the manufacturing industry is modernizing and becoming more technical - prompting the tool and die making field to require higher precision and productivity.

tool make interconnect pins

While it may be inevitable that larger corporations, like Sikorsky, snap up a majority of the local talent, we know that there are advantages to being apart of a tight knit group of employees like we have at Bead, not the least of which is adaptability, flexibility, and opportunity for growth.

In addition to offering competitive salary and pay, we have found the following guidelines to be useful in attracting talent:

  • Establish relationships with local technical schools
  • Provide an open-door policy
  • Understand the work/life balance
  • Offer opportunities for career development
  • Work your state government on workforce development initiatives

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