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3 Simple Steps to Getting a Custom Contact Pin

Posted by Jill Mayer on Oct 3, 2014 12:53:00 PM

Getting a custom contact pin shouldn't be a difficult process. It requires a few simple steps that involve a bit of research, some organization, and the right supplier. Here are some tips to guide you in your process.

1. Gather Your Thoughts

First things first, what type of component are you making/building/designing? Take the time to write a high-level project overview, gather your known specifications and requirements, and draw out (digital CAD, doodle on a napkin, etc.) a basic design of what you need. This first exploration step is crucial and may uncover details you didn’t think about in the initial conception of your custom contact pin.

2. Find a Supplier

You may already have a supplier, and if you like working with them, then you may not need to go any further (except to send them your new design), but if you need to scout out a new vendor, a knowledgeable company with experience and a good work ethic, there are a few sources to point you in the right direction. is a good start as well as Some amount of personal information is needed, but chances are you’ll continue to go back to these sites for new suppliers and/or industry knowledge. A new player on the table is VendOp, a B2B review site where customers can review their vendors and you can have insight into companies’ strengths and weaknesses.

Shameless Plug: You can always send your contact pin design and specifications to Even if you don't have an electronic file to send us, use your phone to snap a photo of a concept you drew on a notepad.  If we can’t provide you with a prototype and quote, we may know someone that can. At the very least, let us give you a second quote for comparison’s sake. Your boss will like that.

3. Compare Final Designs & Quotes

Now that all the hard work is done, all you have to do is present your findings to your team. Remember to add your two cents about what you found during your supplier research to ensure that your final decision for a custom contact pin isn't based on price alone. Factoring in quality and customer service with the price gives you a more complete and accurate picture of your supplier relationship.  If you simply choose the lowest bidder and there are any quality or service issues down the road, you may wonder if your valuable time spent sorting through them were worth those few dollars in savings.



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