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How Will Disruptive Technologies Impact Custom Contact Pins?

Posted by Bead Electronics on Dec 1, 2022 1:50:31 PM

At the New Haven Manufacturers Association (NHMA) Annual Meeting during a presentation on Disruptive Technologies by Martin Hudd of ASSA, Jill Mayer, CEO of Bead Industries, came to an understanding. In a nutshell, if manufacturers don't continuously improve their processes and products, they could be left behind when technology inevitably shifts the landscape.

Today, the manufacturing of semiconductors and electronic parts accounts for a more than $1 trillion industry. It's one of the largest fields in the world, and an industry that affects so much of our daily lives—thanks to the fact that we're increasingly reliant on electronic parts.

Because of this, getting to know the disruptive technologies changing this field is worth your time and consideration. Keep reading to get up to date on the disruptive technologies that will influence custom contact pins for the next several years.

bead-disruptive technology pcb

What are the disruptive technologies you should know about?

Picture the advent of the Internet—it took the world by storm. By the turn of the century, the way in which people lived their lives (and made their buying decisions) changed drastically. This is how disruptive technology works, significantly altering or replacing existing systems or habits.

The 12 disruptive technologies that Hubbard reviewed (which were developed by the McKinsey Global Institute) are as follows:

  • Automation of knowledge work
  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud
  • Advanced robotics
  • Autonomous and near-autonomous vehicles
  • Next-generation genomics
  • Energy storage
  • 3D printing
  • Advanced materials
  • Advanced oil and gas exploration and recovery
  • Renewable energy

Let’s take a closer look at a couple of these that stood out in particular.

How is 3D printing disrupting the industry?

Expect 3D printing to play a major role in connector pin assemblies for the foreseeable future, making it easier to get the parts that you need.

These printers make it easier to design them with more specificity and get a high output out of them with each print. You can lower your production costs while getting precision and excellence in performance.

As a bonus, advanced materials are another disruptive technology that people use along with 3D printing. It uses the highest level of physics, chemistry, and other science to make sure your connectors are crafted in the best way possible.

bead-disruptive technology 3d printer

How is renewable energy influencing manufacturing?

Renewable energy is one of the twelve disruptive technologies that experts say are changing the world. Manufacturing industries are beginning to use renewable energy to help with production. Using cleaner energy makes it easier to power production around the clock.

Switching to renewable energy reduces operating costs and ultimately helps manufacturing companies turn a profit on components such as custom pins. Some renewable changes include smart LED lighting, instant manufacturing, and more eco-friendly waste practices.

How are disruptive technologies impact connector pins?

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are expected to account for more than $1 trillion in spending in the coming years. Because of this, electronic components (e.g. contact pin) makers are having to get better at the way they produce compatible parts. As a result, IoT devices are changing the way we interact with the internet, and these electronic components (e.g. contact pins) will play a huge role.

bead-disruptive technology internet of things

Disruptive technologies are changing the course of business for all of us. Since Bead Electronics designs and manufactures the contact pins that go inside some connectors, this could be an area of concern. What does this mean for Bead’s custom connector pins?

As technology becomes more mobile, and in turn, wireless, the need for connectors made for computer peripherals will have to adapt. In terms of automation of knowledge work, where technology performs many of the tasks that formerly required people, Bead and other electronic component makers have already implemented many lean processes that have reduced cost while guaranteeing quality and durability.

Disruptive Technologies That Are Changing the Game

The tips above explain which technologies are having an effect on the way that electronic components and custom contact pins are used and manufactured. These are a few examples of the top twelve disruptive technologies that are shaking the foundation of so many ways of life. Since electronic parts are so important today, expect these technologies to play a role.

Bead Electronics has the applications, solutions, and knowledge you need for your high-powered, sophisticated electronics parts. If you have questions for our sales or engineering departments, contact us for more information.

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