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The Benefits of Overmolded Electrical Connectors for Automotive Manufacturing

Posted by bead electronics on Jan 20, 2021 10:48:26 AM


Overmolding, also known as injection molding, is an important process employed in electrical connectors used in automotive manufacturing. Overmolding allows the wire and connector to be combined, seamlessly enhancing the assembly features. There are a number of benefits to overmolding when it comes to the electrical connectors used in vehicle construction. We’ll discuss some below.


Durability & Functionality


Overmolding allows for tremendous durability. Overmolded electrical components are  protected against dust and debris as well as weather, condensation, pressure, temperature, and chemical exposure. These are all very important features in automotive manufacturing due to the harsh environments automotive electronic connections are subjected to. For example, engine temperatures can reach up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. And overmoded automotive connectors insulate against the impacts that all automobiles will be subject to when they hit the road.  


Reliability & Quality Control



Overmolding enhances quality control and increases component reliability. Electrical connectors can be color coded for ease and accuracy of installation reducing the chance for human error during installation. This also allows for easy replacements.


Flexibility & Strength


Overmolding allows for flexibility so the cable can withstand 360 degree strain as well as pull strength for overmolded cable assemblies. In addition overmolding can provide increased lifespan due to overmolded connectors being able to withstand more mating cycles than those that are not overmolded. 


Customization & Application Potential


Another great reason to use overmolded electrical connectors in the manufacturing process is the endless application potential that comes from the ability to customize electrical component molds. For example, overmolded electrical connectors can be manufactured in different colors and include markings such as company logos. In addition, keying can be used to ensure that electrical connectors are mated in the proper orientation. The poka-yoke technique mistake proofs to make it clearer which male connector part mates with which female connector part.


Bead Electronics can help advise you as to whether or not you need to use overmolding in your automotive connector needs. We look forward to collaborating with you and helping you with your contact pin needs. Click below to speak with a contact pin or connector specialist. 


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